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Deuterium Wars is a rapid MMO 2D shooter

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Update 1.0.0. Release in STEAM

Commanders, welcome the release update! The maximum level of the character was increased from 100 to 140. For achieving each level in this range you will receive a guaranteed container with a resource of exclusive rarity. In addition, you will find many other interesting innovations, changes and awards!


  1. What happened is what you all have been waiting for so long: added sprites for the epic armor MK-2!
  2. Updated sprites of armor elements MK-1 and MK-2.
  3. Craft
  4. The experience gained from assembling items has been increased by 200%.
  5. Now you will receive experience for improving items in the amount of 50% of the experience gained for assembling an item of the same duration.


Battle Items

  1. Due to the addition of sprites for epic armor, the elements of this armor, as well as its drawings, were returned to the drop table and they can fall out again!
  2. Added the “Rock” epic steel frame for the MK-1 with two slots for a reinforced frame and even greater features! Its drawing can be obtained already from level 30, and the frame can be obtained and used from level 35.
  3. Added “Leviathan” epic meteorite frame for MK-2 with two slots for a reinforced frame and even greater characteristics. Its drawing can be obtained already from level 110, and the frame can be obtained and used from level 120.
  4. Added 9 battle modifiers for MK-2.
  5. Added 22 power panels with a modification of fire protection and 22 energy panels with a modification of energy protection.
  6. Added heat traps of a unique rarity for MK-1 and MK-2.
  7. The first 2 shooting ranges of drones and detonators of usual rarity were added to the assortment of the Store.


  1. Epic containers with resources on MK-1 and MK-2 were added to the game, from which even a resource of legendary rarity can fall!
  2. Now an epic resource may drop out of a container with an exclusive rarity resource with a small chance.
  3. An epic engineering container for the MK-2 has also been added.

Daily Store

  1. On weekends, special containers with 20 units of a certain resource of common rarity will appear in the assortment of the Daily Store: sheets of bronze, sheets of glass, scrap metal, useful parts or tempered glass.
  2. In the assortment of the Daily Store, starting at level 36, Optical fiber will periodically appear.


Battle Rewards

  1. Starting from level 100, winning at the Arena of any MK, you have a chance to get the legendary Champion’s Chest. But for this it is necessary to take first place in score in the table of battle results.
  2. The frequency of unique, exclusive and epic resources drop as a reward for a battle has been increased by 40%, however, now they can only drop out if a player takes 3rd or higher place in the battle results table.
  3. The frequency of exclusive and epic weapons containers drop, as well as frequency of exclusive and epic gadgets and enhancements drop has been increased by 20%, however, now they can only drop out if the player takes 4th or higher place in the battle results table (not the last).
  4. However, the chances of unique weapons, gadgets and enhancements drop (directly by the reward for the battle, not from the container) were reduced by 40% from their original value.
  5. If you commit 10 or more kills or gain 2000 or more score per battle, regardless of the fact of victory or defeat, there is a 20% chance to get an extra reward in the form of an engineering container of common, unique or exclusive rarity!
  6. In case you capture a totem, there is a 20% chance to get an additional reward in the form of a container with resources of common or unique rarity!



  1. Added “Ocean of money” achievement which you can get by collecting 1 billion credits.
  2. Added “Win Streak VI” achievement which you can get by performing 50 victories in row. You will be awarded by exclusive engineering container for that.
  3. Added “Secret Codes V” achievement which you can get by using 25 promocodes.
  4. Added “Armed to the teeth!” achievement which you can get by reaching 2000 PP or more on your hovercraft.
  5. Now, in addition to experience and deuterium, an unique engineering container will be given as a reward for achieving the “Win Streak IV”, and an exclusive one for the “Win Streak V”.
  6. Similar rewards were added to the achievements of “Unstoppable Death” and “Arena Thunderstorm” (for 40 and 50 kills without a single death).
  7. Now instead of unique shotgun and exclusive radio enhancement you will get an unique and an exclusive container as rewards for 100 and 1000 victories achievements.
  8. You will get “Unlimited Progress” achievement for reaching 140 level.
  9. Experience Bonuses
  10. The bonus of experience gained from dog tags has been increased: now they give 2-7% of additional experience depending on rarity (previously it was 1-5%).
  11. On items of exclusive rarity, where previously there was 1 slot for a dog tag, now as many as 2 slots for dog tags!
  12. The experience bonuses on the MK-2 epic armor were increased from 3% to 5%.


Other Enhancements

  1. Over 20 new tips that will be displayed on the battle loading screen have been added to the game. For advice, many thanks to the players who took part in the advices contest. Now all pilots of Deuterium Wars will know about them!
  2. The tip “Don’t forget to recharge” has been removed from the game, because it’s not relevant.
  3. “News” and “Support” menu buttons in Hangar have been enabled.



  1. The mechanism of the resources drop when disassembling items has been fixed if in the scheme of the item these resources are contained in the amount of 1 pc.
  2. Fixed bots behaviour and power in the first tutorial battles on the Arena.
  3. Fixed turret icon on drawings of portable MK-2 turrets.
  4. The word “phoenix” is no longer perceived by the game chat filter as obscene language.
  5. Fixed english localization of Iron Oil Radiator.
  6. Fixed problem areas in the lower part of the Trade District arena where it was possible to get stuck on the MK-2 hovercraft.
  7. Enhanced german and ukrainian localizations.
  8. The number of Achievement Points gaining for the achievement “Altanar Multimillionaire” has been fixed.
  9. Now, “Caster’s Notes II” can be obtained in battles on the MK-2 arena (previously it was possible to get it only on MK-1).
  10. Fixed iron melting blueprint drop.
  11. Fixed costs of unique and exclusive acid detonators on MK-2.
  12. The drop chances for exclusive resources from containers with resources have been fixed and now they better correspond to their usage frequency in craft.

Friends, thank you all for your help in developing Deuterium Wars during the open beta. Every day we will try to make Deuterium Wars even better and more interesting. And we really hope for your support. This promotional code is for you: UJEC-FT6T-N396.