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Deuterium Wars is a rapid MMO 2D shooter

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Update 0.5.15

Commanders, it happened! Now the game has the ability to mass disassemble stacks of items. And we also added a new game functionality – the improvement of items that everyone was waiting for. Now, using resources, you can increase the characteristics of the items that make up your hovercraft. In addition, we reduced the minimum market value of goods, added the game cursor setting and fixed a number of game errors.


  1. New craft functionality added: Item Improvement. For a certain amount of resources, a modification of a certain type is superimposed on an item:
    • item can be upgraded up to 5 times;
    • each rank of improvement requires more resources;
    • the amount of resources and their types also depend on the assembly scheme of this item;
    • the current improvement rank is displayed in the upper right corner of the item’s icon, as well as in front of its name in the information windows.
  2. A disassembly scheme for the legendary Armageddon grenade launcher has been added.
  3. Added the ability to mass disassemble stacks of items.

Other innovations

  1. Improved obstacle textures in city arenas.
  2. Now you can turn on the game cursor, adjust its appearance and size.
  3. Added color display of the rarity of awards on the background of the cells in the rewards window for receiving a level, as well as in the window for setting a lot to the Market.
  4. The minimum price on credits was reduced from 50% to 12.5% of the cost of goods.
  5. Added a new soundtrack for the battle.


  1. Now in the Store instead of the Training airframe MK-2 there is (as it should be) a bronze airframe.
  2. Fixed receiving exclusive resources from containers with resources of unique rarity on MK-2.
  3. Weapon material displayed on small Guard Turrets has been fixed.
  4. The displayed material in the information windows of the MK-2 armored plates of ordinary rarity has been fixed.
  5. Fixed cost of exclusive MK-2 frames.
  6. Fixed display of commission in the window for adding a lot to the Market if the fields with the price are not filled.
  7. Fixed bot response to portable turrets.
  8. The traditional promo code this time is hidden here: ZD65-XUX5-5S6U
  9. Fixed cost of modifiers MK-2 of ordinary, unique and exclusive rarity.
  10. Fixed a number of game client errors that led to its crash.
  11. Fixed “Infinite Height” of the burger menu.
  12. Added a special promo code with Premium for 1 day for fast feedback and patient waiting during the installation of the update and related difficulties: GG0H-HQA4-0QL5.

Have you already used the item improvement functionality? How do you like it? Share your impressions in the comments.