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Deuterium Wars is a rapid MMO 2D shooter

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Update 0.5.14

Hello, commanders! Today, our update is entirely devoted to the amendments you requested. Epic things are now better fit their status, and it became easier to buy or sell them on the market! Read about this and many other things in the continuation of the article. And do not forget to find and activate the promotional code.

Item balance

  1. The rate of “Beamer” was increased from 290 to 300 shots per minute, and now every bullet imposes an additional periodic effect, causing a little damage from radiation. The power points of “Luchemet” were increased by 5 units.
  2. Direct damage inflicted by the flamethrower “Warfire” and acid thrower “Cobra” has been increased by 10%, and their power points have been increased by 5 points.
  3. The direct and intermittent damage inflicted by the heavy rocket launcher “Thunder” was increased by 14%, and its power points were increased by 10 points. However, its required level was increased from 52 to 72.
  4. The required level of high-precision gun “Ampere” was raised from 48 to 60.
  5. By popular demand, now the base cost of battle items of epic and legendary rarity is calculated in credits, and not in Deuterium. That is, they now have the same pricing rules for trading in the store and on the market as for all other items. Buy or sell epic items will now become easier, while players, as before, have the opportunity to sell epic and legendary items for deuterium on the Market.


  1. Added new map of the Arena “Cauldron”. Fight in the gladiator ring, being surrounded by many flamethrowers and other dangers!
  2. The scatter of Power Points in the selection of players in a room in the Arena was increased from ±90 to ±110.


Other innovations

  1. The Campaign’s first mission was improved: various areas causing periodic damage were added.
  2. Added display of the number of items in advertisements for sale in the game chat.
  3. Some promo code: KK9Q-Q9RD-ZR99



  1. Fixed rating change when passing Campaign when leaving a battlefield before its completion.
  2. Now the player cannot be expelled from the battle room due to the absence during the Warm-up phase.
  3. Fixed display of available rooms in case an empty hovercraft slot is selected.
  4. Fixed the display of a warning about a disassembled hovercraft when entering the battle room.
  5. Now you can not view the available rooms of the Arena if Campaign mode is selected.
  6. Fixed display of simultaneous return of a large number of lots in the Journal.

That’s all for now. In the near future, we will summarize the results of the recent months, and also share our plans for the future.