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Deuterium Wars is a rapid MMO 2D shooter

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Release Tournament: Epic Battle!

Commanders, in honor of the release of the game on Steam, we have prepared 2 in-game tournaments in Deuterium Wars. Which of them to participate in, or even try to win prizes in both, depends only on your preferences in the battle style and your choice of MK.

The tournament will last 2 weeks, but in order to manage to get all the rewards for the stages of these events, as well as get one of the prize places, join the battle right now!

Epic battle MK1.

Get as many points as possible for battles on MK1 in the competition for the epic skeleton “Rock”. In addition to the frame, the first three winners will receive other special awards. Tournament rewards are provided for the first 100 fighters in the tournament ranking.

Epic battle MK2.

Win as many times as possible on MK2 in the competition for the Levafan epic frame and the epic engineering container, which will go to the top three leaders in the tournament. For 4-5 place players will receive similar exclusive, and for 6-10 – unique awards.


To the strongest and boldest of you, we wish victory in tournaments! But even if one of you fails to get into the leaderboard, fulfilling the conditions of the stages of these tournaments will bring you a lot of experience, credits, and special rewards!