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Deuterium Wars is a rapid MMO 2D shooter

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Open Beta Awards

Hello friends! Yesterday, the game was released on Steam. And we will gladly encourage each of you who contributed to the development of the game during the open beta phase.

Legendary Rewards for Legendary Testers.

First of all, we want to reward the best of the best players. It is those of you whose contribution to the development of Deuterium Wars is unlimited. Thank you for always being with us. And in moments of joy, as now, and in moments of difficulties and sadness. You are part of our team, our best friends and helpers.

Dark_381, your constant loyalty and support always give us positive emotions and a desire to make the game better. Your achievements can not be counted even in a publication on 4 sheets. Thanks for all.

VOID, thanks for the support over the years of testing, and many thanks for WIKI on the game. We hope that after the release it will become even cooler! And we are very grateful for the patience of our changes, after which you need to change a lot of things 😉

Ba3eJIiH, you never let us relax. Thank you for your understanding, criticism, and ideas. And you are our best streamer. And we wish you millions of subscribers to your channels.

Pro_sti, even in those very moments when you have a lot to do, you do not forget about moderating our Discord server. The legendary moderator, in every sense, and without exaggeration.


We hope that each of you will continue to contribute to the development of Deuterium Wars, and you will always be with us. In the meantime, we give you modest gifts from our team:

  • Legendary Dog Tag.
  • Epic engineering container MK-2.
  • Legendary armor plate with crit resist for MK-2.

Rewards for mega-active and loyal beta testers.

Further, we want to award testers, without ideas, bug reports, and activity of which we would long strive for the result that we have now. You have been with us for a very long time or have shown mega-activity during the open beta testing phase. And we really hope that you will continue in the same spirit, and in the awards for the next major event will be at the top of the same list.

Mrak, Lumkart, RZORO, slaymyname, Owling 🦉, Хипстер, TuHbI4, Andrey Gainax, Benjaminiu2( Василий), Abstract Existent, Frogees, Lord Maelstrom, thank you for your contribution to the development of Deuterium Wars. Each of you will receive a promotional code with the following reward:

  • Epic Dog Tag.
  • Exclusive engineering container MK-2.
  • Epic armor plate with crit resist for MK-2.

Lumkart, we really hope that soon you will have the opportunity to return to duty and be on a par with everyone. We are waiting for you in the game. Thank you for being with us 🙂


Rewards for active players.

Not only the players from the two lists above made a big contribution to the development of Deuterium Wars. A lot of you have recently started playing, or are busy with important things in real life, but, nevertheless, at the first opportunity open the Deuterium Wars and our Discord server, offer interesting ideas, report bugs and just talk with other players. Thank you for every minute devoted to our game.

Moby-Dick, manson201, Zanatos, Cobe Бог Компании (HamRed778), WEREWOLF, SlyFoX, Козерог, Vort3x, Sarus, The Reference, orion1968, zashkvar, Григорий (ДОБРО), LazorMarmot, exOrbitant, HighMizai, TheyCalledMeBob, ReMai, likkee, burnt meat, for active participation in the life of our community during open beta testing you will receive:

  • Exclusive Dog Tag.
  • Unique engineering container MK-2.
  • Exclusive armor plate with crit resist for MK-2.


Rewards for upstream testers.

We value every bug report, every idea, every comment and constructive criticism. AHrEJl, Byt-sov2015, xronos, Louis Cyphre, SyTeNeR, byvaliy, ioioklkll (fffff), Lich, Rek, Neanka, [SRC] Fox The Skrinn, HORDEER, Aluvarka will receive the following awards for their activity during the open beta testing:

  • Unique Dog Tag
  • Unique engineering container MK-2
  • Unique armor plate with crit resist for MK-2


About awards for all participants in open beta testing.

To anyone who finds himself in one of the lists above, we will send a promotional code with a gift in private messages to Discord. Better yet, right after reading this news, write to @Ellisena community manager.

Did not find yourself on the list? Honestly, during the preparation for the release, we forgot our names. Please forgive us. Just write in private messages to Discord to the @Ellisena community manager and remind you of your contribution to Deuterium Wars. We will definitely reward everyone.

Just started playing? This is just great! Ahead we have a lot of large-scale updates and gifts for active participants. Come to our discord as soon as possible, suggest ideas, report bugs. We value each of you, friends.

With love, the DeuteriumWars development team.