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Deuterium Wars is a rapid MMO 2D shooter

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Hotfix 27.09.2019

Hello Commanders! We have a hotfix. Containers with resources of exclusive rarity have been added to the game. MK2 turrets fixed. By popular demand, assembly and disassembly schemes for some elements of unique clothing have been improved. Read about these and other changes in the full patchnote. And, as always, there is a promo code!


  1. The assembly and disassembly schemes of the Battle Gas Mask, the Helmet of the Wanderer and the Helmet of the Pilot have been improved: now they are assembled from 2 polymer plates and, accordingly, when disassembling, at least 1 such plate falls out. The cost of these garments has been increased in accordance with these changes.
  2. Added a promo code with Battle Gas Mask so you can immediately evaluate the changes: 0NNA-XG7C-6PKS
  3. Containers with resources of an exclusive rarity for MK-2 appeared in the game. They can drop out if you win in the MK-2 arena after level 69.
  4. Also, starting from level 51, in case of victory in the MK-2 arena, a container with a resource of unique rarity can drop out.
  5. Now Optical fiber can drop out even after level 80 in the arena of any MK (previously this only happened from level 40 to level 80).



  1. Fixed guidance of weapons and shells on portable turrets MK-2.
  2. The background of the icon for drawings of exclusive MK-1 frameworks has been fixed.
  3. Fixed opening time of MK-1 container of level 30 with reinforcement of usual rarity.
  4. The cooling time of heavy rocket launchers has been fixed: now modifiers and modifications to accelerate their cooling will correctly reduce the delay between shots.
  5. Now the Trade District Arena is correctly taken into account in the “City Brawling” event.

That’s all for today. And do not forget that if in your opinion, something doesn’t work as it should in the game, you can always tell us about it on our server in Discord.