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Deuterium Wars is a rapid MMO 2D shooter

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Hotfix 06.08.2019

Friends, we have a fresh hotfix for yesterday’s update. Now you will immediately see what resources are needed to upgrade items. And yes, detonators are now improving.


  1. Now, when you try to improve or disassemble an item through its context menu, the improvement/disassembly process does not start, but first a window with a craft scheme is displayed.
  2. Added ability to improve detonators.



  1. Fixed insertion of modifiers into slots: now it is impossible to insert a modifier of an inappropriate level.
    • Modifiers already inserted will remain in the items. But, if you remove the modifier, the level for which you have not yet reached, you can insert it only after you reach the specified level.

That’s all for today. But if you have any new ideas or comments, feel free to tell us about them.