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Deuterium Wars is a rapid MMO 2D shooter

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Hotfix 0.5.18

Hello Commanders! While our team is working on further updates, we decided not to keep you waiting and release an intermediate hotfix with ready-made innovations and corrections.


  1. Epic drones got a special look of weapons, frames and icons.
  2. All other drones now visually differ in material, depending on their rarity and MK.
  3. The MK-2 portable turrets now have their own special look for the frame and weapons.


  1. Improved the filter of obscene words in the game chat.
  2. Fixed display material and used metal in the “Hardened Steel Turbine” circuit.
  3. The used metal of the “Cobra” epic acid thrower scheme has been fixed.
  4. The displayed material of the Pest machine gun was fixed.
  5. Fixed used metals in the schemes of drones and detonators of exclusive and epic rarity, as well as in energy shields.
  6. Fixed assembly and disassembly times of the exclusive stealth generator on the MK-1.
  7. The volume of the last 3 music tracks introduced into the game has been increased so that they sound as loud as others.

You can already leave suggestions for the next update in the comments to these patchnotes.
Promocode: FW5M-CPAU-KNWK