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Deuterium Wars is a rapid MMO 2D shooter

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Hotfix 0.5.17

Hello friends! Meet the new hotfix. The main changes today: bots are now even smarter, epic and exclusive drones became more efficient, and the Store’s assortment has been slightly adjusted.

This time, the promo code is here: 7YWM-A71V-DKC6


  1. Because of the recent implementation of the upgrades system, the maximum value of the Strength scale, the Damage per second scale and the Protection scale in the information window of the hovercraft characteristics were increased.
  2. Improved bot routes near capture points at Canyon and Iron Caves arenas.
  3. Now drones of exclusive and epic rarity can help their owner more effectively deal damage: they can now set a sight.
  4. Drones of epic rarity now do not deal physical damage, but energy damage, and also with a 25% chance, apply a short-term periodic damage effect to the target. In addition, their bullets fall off with distance more slowly and they deal damage more effectively at medium and long range.
  5. Improved location of boxes in the 5th mission of the Campaign.



  1. Tracking Systems of the first 2 shooting tiers for MK-2 were added to the assortment of the Store.
  2. The appearance of repair amplifiers for MK-2 in the Store’s assortment has been fixed (previously they were available for purchase already from level 1, now a minimum of 40 and 49 levels for 1 and 2 tiers are required).
  3. Fixed upgrades of portable turrets MK-1.
  4. Fixed the ability to upgrade battle items from the Beginner’s Kit.
  5. Fixed the ability to disassemble and upgrade the colored guns of the “Vector” series received from the promo code.

You can already leave suggestions for the next update in the comments to this patchnotes.