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Deuterium Wars is a rapid MMO 2D shooter

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Hotfix 0.5.16

Friends, after your numerous requests, we have slightly increased upgrades of the items. Now each new level adds more bonus characteristics. Bots capture Totems bolder, now they need less strength and charges for this. We also fixed several bugs and added a promo code to the patchnotes.


  1. Improved balance of upgrades for battle items. Each next level of upgrades gives an more bonus characteristics then previous one.
  2. Improved logic for capturing Totems by bots. Now they are more decisive.
  3. The balance of the Protection modifications has been improved. Now the values ​​of the Protection bonuses correspond more precisely to their PP.


  1. The time for improving items has been fixed and now it ranges from 1 minute to 4 hours for MK-1 and from 10 minutes to 12 hours for MK-2, which corresponds to the time of application of modifiers of similar tier and mark.
  2. Fixed a problem spot in the center of the “The City Arena”, where one could get stuck on the MK-2 hovercraft.
  3. Fixed upgrade of 5th tier for bombs, missiles, mines, portable turrets and nitro.
  4. Fixed the ability of disassemble stacks of items with the Shift key held down.
  5. Passive repair received from upgrades of battle items has been fixed.

What do you think about the item upgrades after hotfix? Maybe you have some more ideas? By the way, catch the promo code: WAP9-V6B8-CLKC